Poster says Paul is a featured bullfighter at Las Ventas

Imagine my surprise when I saw I was on the card at Las Ventas, the most prestigious bullring in all Spain. This was my school's (=elemadrid=) welcome-back greeting to me in April, 2000. The poster told of an excursion the next Saturday to a bullfighting school in Madrid. To the poster, the school had attached the words: Salida Escuela de Tauromaquia. Salida generally means exit but in this case it means outing or excursion. Escuela means school and tauromaquia the art of bullfighting.

The weather on Saturday was cold and rainy; thus, when we met at the school's headquarters on Serrano Street, we learned that the excursion had been called off. Bullfighters are artists and can't practice safely when it's wet! We went to a nearby Irish Pub for a Saturday morning tertulia (a friendly get-together where one partakes of drink and perhaps a snack).

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