Faro de Madrid,   Avenida Arco de la Victoria - Metro stop: Moncloa

Photo: May 19, 2000
Faro (Lighthouse) de Madrid After you get off the Metro at Moncloa, this is the view you will have walking to this observation tower. It was built in 1992 when Madrid was the Cultural Capitol of Europe. In all, 1992 was a big year for the Spanish because to celebrate the 500th anniversary of Columbus' voyage they also hosted the Olympic Games in Barcelona and had a World's Fair in Seville.

This tower is the equivalent of 26 stories (110 meters) high with an elevator that runs along the left side of the stem. The elevator while not visible here has a transparent enclosure so that you may enjoy the view on the way up or down if you so choose. Although you are not afforded a total 360° view at the top, it is almost that good. Being in the NW corner of the main part of town, you are given views of all of old Madrid and most of the best sites.

The photo below gives part of the view you will be able to see.
Composite photo: May 19, 2000
View from observation deck