Puerta de San Vicente (San Vicente Gate) Glorieta de San Vicente, s/n, (s/n = sin número or w/o address number) - Metro stop: Príncipe Pío

Photo: May 13, 2000
San Vicente Gate On the left is my photo of the model of this gate on exhibit at the Museo de la Ciudad. The real life-sized gate is a reconstruction done in 1995 in the same location as the original gate of the same name that had been torn down in 1880. On the wall to the left is a reproduction of one of Goya's lighter paintings.

This is an accurate model of the new gate which is in turn an accurate reproduction of the original gate built between 1770 & 1775 by the Italian architect Francesco Sabatini who was responsible for many other constructions you see in today's Madrid.

Again my ramblings in Madrid did not include walking by this gate to the west of the Royal Palace. However, this 1830 painting by Fernando Brambilla, the court painter to Fernando VII, will show you what the original gate looked like then. And here is an actual photo of the new Puerta de San Vicente: when you get there, just choose "AMPLIAR" when you see the thumbnail.

The original gate was torn down because it couldn't handle the increased carriage traffic that was causing monumental traffic jams. Apparently they didn't think of making a traffic circle around the gate in 1880 as is the case today with this and the two other gates.