Stories of my wanderings in and
around the Spanish capital on four trips:

Four days in 1990;
May 24 to June 14, 1998;
April 30 to June 1, 1999;
March 30 to June 13, 2000

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The dates the pictures were taken are listed.
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Greater-Madrid: The very old and the very new in the entire city.

Old-Madrid: Many sights in the historic center of the city.

Retiro Park: Explore Madrid's big downtown park.  English version   Versión castellana

Horcajuelo & Buitrago: Horcajuelo's old forge & Buitrago's impressive defensive wall.

Sepúlveda, Hoces del Río Duratón & Pedraza: Old walled cities & Spain's Grand Canyon.

Aranjuez: Travel on the historic Strawberry Train   English version   Versión castellana  

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