Stories of my wanderings about
GREATER MADRID on three trips:

May 24 to June 14, 1998;
April 30 to June 1, 1999;
March 30 to June 13, 2000

The numbers on the GREATER-MADRID map shown below correspond to the lettered and numbered links to the right of and below the map. The sites numbered 1-5 (the reddish area representing OLD MADRID) are all accessed from the OLD-MADRID page.

Text and pictures added during the same year as the latest-update are coded red.
Latest undate: Oct, 2008

Uploaded: July 9, 2000      Copyright 2000-2008 by JSP Schwarz


Map of Greater Madrid
A. Highway M-30 encircling Madrid
B. Manzanares River (26K)
1. Puerta del Sol (See Old-Madrid)
2. Royal Palace (See Old-Madrid)
3. Prado Museum (See Old-Madrid)
4. Retiro Park (See Old-Madrid)
5. Puerta de Alcalá (See Old-Madrid)
6. Plaza de Colón
    (Columbus Square)
7. Plaza de Castilla
Puerta de Europa

    Madrid's leaning towers
8. Faro de Madrid
    A spy-in-the-sky (2 pix, 236K)
Museo de América

    American Museum (2 pix, 176K)
9. Museo de la Ciudad
    (City Museum) (3 pix, 172K)
10. Paisajes Españoles
    Aerial photo store
11. Las Ventas
    Spain's most famous bull ring
12. Teleférico (Telefer)
13. Puerta de San Vicente
    New old gate (96K)
14. Puente de Segovia
    (Segovia Bridge)
15. La Puerta de Toledo
    (Gateway to Toledo) (98K)
16. Atocha
   Train station for points south
17. Puente de Toledo
   (Toledo Bridge) (26K)
18. Parque Tierno Galván
   Planetarium & I-Max theater

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