Stork's nest
Narrow pedestrian
street in Sepúlveda

EXCURSION: May 15, 1999
To Sepúlveda,
Las Hoces del Río Duratón
& Pedraza

The travelers again met at the Templo de Debod for this all day trip to see really unique sights: the old walled town of Sepúlveda with caves, still intact years after people stopped living in them; Hoces del Río Duratón, a labyrinth of canyons cut by the Duratón River similar to the canyon cut by the Colorado River; and Pedraza, a hill-top walled city with an infamous old jail (to be discussed later) reminiscent of the French penal colony on Devil's Island.

Paul in ermita
At the hermitage
built by Benedictines
a millennium ago.

Narrow street in Sepúlveda (38K)
One of the old gates to the city (31K)
The defensive wall of the town (27K)
Hoces del Río Duratón
Ermita de San Frutos in the distance (32K)
Ermita de San Frutos-close up (35K)
Inside the hermitage (37K)
Midday meal in Spanish restaurant (30K)
Entrance gate to Pedraza (51K)
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