Teatro Muñoz Seca (Seating capacity: 350) Plaza del Carmen, 1 - Metro stop: Sol

Photo: April 30, 2000 Teatro Muñoz Seca

This theater was named after a well-known playwright: Pedro Muñoz Seca. Today, they are presenting La ratonera (Agatha Christie's The Mousetrap). I think that this is the longest running play in Madrid having started at Teatro Real Cinema in 1998 before moving to this theater late in 1999. After closing in the summer of 2000, it will be replaced in the fall by another Agatha-Christie mystery: Los Diez Negritos. I suspect that this is the same play on which the old black & white movie And Then There Were None was based. Meanwhile in London, The Mousetrap has been running continuously since it opened in the early 50's.

Looking straight ahead you see a street Calle Tatuán going away from us. This street leads in one short block to Calle del Carmen that, in turn, leads quickly to dum-dum-dum-dum el Oso y el Madroño at Puerta del Sol, crossroads for the four million people living in Madrid.

The awnings directly on our left are those of GAMBRINUS CARMEN, a fine tapas cafe where, inside, a sign will tell you that this is the best restaurant to do your tapeo which is the adventure of eating many different tapas sometimes at several different tapas bars. I'm already hungry! (I've already eaten there and know!)

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