Teatro de la Comedia (Seating capacity: 619) Príncipe, 14 - Metro stop: Sevilla

Teatro de la Comedia
Photo: April 30, 2000

Comedia was directly across the street from my apartment at Apartamentos Turísticos (Príncipe, 11). Notice the steel posts that keep the cars in the center of the street (one-lane, one-way toward the camera). Because there was little traffic when I snapped this picture, people had taken over the center of the street.

This is a fine theater that today presents only plays of the greats from Spain's Golden Age (Siglo de Oro) or things related to that in some way. For example, while I was there, La dama duende (The Lady Goblin) by Calderón de la Barca was followed by Shakespeare's Hamlet in Spanish. I haven't dared to go to this theater yet because 16th- and 17th-century Spanish is a little more difficult than the current variety with which I struggle. If you like, check out the theater's schedule for the 1999-2000 season.(27K)

Years ago this theater presented contemporary works. As an example, on October 25, 1963, La bella Dorotea (Beautiful Dorothy) by Miguel Mihura premiered. In this premiere, one of the lead roles, that of Remedios, was played by a young Encarnita Paso who I am sure is the same lady who played Agatha Christie when I saw La ratonera (Agatha Christie's The Mousetrap) at Teatro Real Cinema in 1999 and who also played a lead role in Manzanas del viernes when I saw that at Teatro Figaro in 2000 although she had changed her name to the more conservative Encarna Paso for these latter two works. How's that for trivia?

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