Side street Near the northeast corner of Plaza de Santa Ana, there is a small side street with a big name: Manuel Fernández y González. It's marked on the map as a one-way street going into the picture: therefore, that car must be pointed away from us. We are looking east and the shadows say it is afternoon. The balconies you see on the 2nd floors are typical and are seen all over Madrid. The first business on the left beyond those green plants is a classy restaurant: La Trucha (The Trout). Don't go there too early for dinner because they don't start serving the menu-of-the-day until 8pm. In fact, there are only a few restaurants in Madrid which open for the evening meal before 8pm, and, if you arrive then, you may find that you are the only person in the restaurant. Madrileños have the custom of eating the evening meal much later.

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