Real Academia Española de la Lengua /Royal Spanish Language Academy - (The official group of men and women who oversee the development of the Spanish Language) - Metro stops: Retiro & Banco de España

Photo: June 3, 1998
Real Academia Española The picture shows the academy's headquarters in Madrid across the street to the south from the Casón del Buen Retiro. This most recent headquarters was completed in 1894, and here is where the learned academicians meet to set standards for development of the Spanish language in an orderly fashion by encouraging rules of grammar, approved spellings and which words are best as new technologies evolve. For example, the Academy prefers ordenador to computadora (for computer) and bolígrafo to pluma (for ball-point pen). Pluma (feather, as is well-known) continued in use long after quills ceased to be used for ink pens.

Periodically, the academy, founded in 1713, publishes a revision of its dictionary of the language. The last such edition, the 22nd, will soon be replaced by the 23rd. The academy also publishes other works on grammar, new-world Spanish and the like.

In addition to this academy, there are member academies in all the Spanish-speaking countries including the Philippines. The world-wide group works together with the Spanish group.

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