Plaza Mayor
Open-air cafe in Plaza Mayor
All photos: May 14-15, 2000

Above you see an open-air cafe along one of the sides of Plaza Mayor. The area is immense---you could put an entire American football field inside it. These pictures were taken on Sunday, the day before San Isidro Day, San Isidro being the patron saint of Madrid whose day is celebrated each May 15. There was a stage (29K) set up along one wall with something going on most of the day. Below center, you see a photo I snapped of two children dressed up for this festive occasion. Below left, you see one of the nine entrances (or exits, in this case, since I am standing inside) of the Plaza Mayor. The size of the arch gives an idea of the scale of the place.

On the morning of San Isidro Day, I went to the Segovia Bridge to take some pictures, and, while walking back to my Metro station along Segovia Street, I met the young lady pictured below right who was clearly really decked out for San Isidro. I didn't have enough film to photograph all of the beautiful seasonal dresses and suits I saw the people wearing during this festive season.
One of nine entrances to Plaza Mayor Children dressed up Girl dressed up

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