Santa Ana Square
Photo: June 7, 2000

The Plaza de Santa Ana (Santa Ana Square) is one-half block down Príncipe Street from my apartment in Apartamentos Turísticos - Príncipe, 11. Here there are statues of Federico García Lorca (27K), a famous Spanish poet and playwright (bronze statue in the foreground, white arrow), and Calderón de la Barca (27K), a famous Spanish Golden-Age playwright (stone statue in the background, black arrow).

This plaza near the center of old Madrid is an important rendezvous for artists and playwrights today because this is the center of the theater district. From my nearby apartment I could easily walk to any one of 10 theaters.

Directly in back of me stands the oldest theater in Madrid - Teatro Español (the next link) - and the large white building on the far side of the plaza is the 4-star Hotel Tryp Reina Victoria. They had just completed cleaning the walls before I took this picture, and you can see they did a good job.

I'm standing on Príncipe Street facing west to take this picture, and I took it in the morning to get good light on the hotel.

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