Cines Acteón (9 screens) Ticket offices: Plaza del Carmen, 7 & Montera, 29 - Metro stops: Sol & Gran Vía

Photo: June 8, 2000
Plaza del Carmen & Cines Acteón Looking from the west side of the plaza, you see one of the entrances to Cines Acteón (Acteón Cinemas) with screens on four floors with elevator service. If you go to the first show in the afternoon, you can choose your own seat, but, if you go to any other show, the usher will show you to your assigned seat. Yes, it is like seating in legitimate theaters in the USA. You can, when you know the layout, ask for a special seat and get it if it is still available. All prices are the same.

This was my favorite movie house. It was close to my apartment on a nice plaza with up to nine different films (all either in Spanish or dubbed in Spanish), and the sound systems were among the best in Madrid. While I waited for my movie to start, I could look over some of the historic old movie posters (94K, 2 pictures) hanging on the walls.

In the plaza, please notice the umbrella-sheltered tables set up just for you to spend a few minutes having a cooling beverage before your show starts. A little later you can eat there, too, if you choose.

Last but not least, directly in front of us and to the right is the bronze statue of a man. Looking like someone about to go fishing, this statue is a mystery to me still. Got any ideas?

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