Mural of Street This mural is found at the southeast corner of the intersection of Calle Espoz y Mina with Calle de la Cruz, and its by-gone scene is almost as real as life itself. The mural depicts the long-gone Corral de la Cruz which, on this same corner, was one of only two theaters to offer dramatic productions in 17th-century Madrid. The other corral was the nearby Corral del Príncipe.

A corral was an outdoor theater with raised platforms on each end of a lot: one for the stage and one for women spectators, the men standing or sitting between the platforms. [Reference: Bennett, Annie, Blue Guide Madrid, A & C Black, London, 1997, p. 167] Over the years, Corral de la Cruz disappeared and Corral del Príncipe evolved into present-day Teatro Español.

The corral still exists in Madrid. Each summer, productions are put on at the old Moorish wall south of the cathedral and at a modern corral in the Lavapiés neighborhood of Madrid south of Puerta del Sol and off the OLD-MADRID map.

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