Men working on walkway
May 17, 2000

We are looking north-northwest along Calle Preciados toward Plaza de Callao where those buildings seem to be in the middle of the road. C/Preciados is one of several pedestrian-only streets radiating outward from the Puerta del Sol (about two blocks in back of me as I took this picture). By the time you arrive in Madrid, this work will be finished, and you will have a beautiful freshly-surfaced walkway to stroll on! C/Preciados is prime shopping area in Madrid. You can find silk and leather items, fancy fans, and all manner of ceramics including Lladró figurines to name a few items. That store on the near left is a JOYERIA (jewelry store). The large department store on the far right with the vertical blue placards with white lettering is FNAC where you can get many books, CDs, televisions, telephones and the like. The vocals and books are all in Spanish - - - but then this is Madrid!
   This type of repair has been going on steadily ever since I started going to Madrid in 1998. Things are improving!

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