Archeological excavation
Photo: April 23, 2000

Through one of the portals of the fence you see man-made constructions formerly hidden beneath the paving of the esplanade between the palace fence and the cathedral. Some if not all of these foundations, buildings, etc. date back to the time when the Moors still occupied Madrid (or Mayrit as it was called then) 1000 years ago. Indeed, you can see the remains of one of the Moors' protecting walls just south of the cathedral!

If you look at the center of the picture above you see an arch with an extra center support over a darkened interior. This is believed to be the Puerta de la Sagra, one of three gates to the original Mayrit citadel. You can see this gate straight on where it looks much more like a real city gate. The Puerta de la Sagra (sometimes spelled Xagra) is the only one of the three gates which has been found to date.

I'm sure some of you remember what this esplanade looked like before.

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