España Cañí (Bar serving drinks and tapas, Monday through Saturday) Plaza del Angel, 14 - Metro stops: Sol & Tirso de Molina

Uploaded: July 18, 2004

Music: España Cañí, the famous Spanish pasodoble
Composite photo below: June 6, 2000   España Cañí, the famous bar.
España Cañí facade
After seeing several pictures of this pub in travel guides to Madrid, I wanted to see it for myself. It is one of the few buildings in Madrid with a handsomely tiled facade like you might expect to find in Seville, an important center for glazed ceramic tile.

After having trouble finding its location, I went to reception at my hotel (Apartamentos Turísticos, Príncipe, 11). The receptionists were not all that familiar with this sort of thing, but very shortly one was able to tell me where it was. It turned out to be amazingly close to the hotel: 5 minutes walk. As a matter of fact, in Spain short distances are all measured by the time it takes you to walk there. Therefore, the receptionist probably told me that it wasn't far: cinco minutos andando (5 minutes walking).

When I arrived I couldn't take a clear picture of the pub because of a white car parked in front. Combining a photo I took containing the car with a second taken at an angle is how I removed the white car
(6 pictures 216K) to give you the view you see above.

Over the door, the pub proclaims it serves vinos y refrescos (wines and soft drinks). You will surely be able to take a tónica (Schweppes Tonic Water) there because that is a great favorite with the Spanish. This pub serves a variety of drinks: sangría, beer, wine, dry sherry (fino in Spanish), soft drinks and perhaps more. But contrary to what you might think, the favorite drink of Spaniards is cerveza (beer)! In fact, the Mahou Brewery, the largest in the world, was just north of Madrid.

At España Cañí for your hunger, there are tapas, pulgas and raciones (rations). These all are small snacks and I am guessing that the pulga (primary meaning: flea) is the smallest serving of the three. The pub opens at 12 noon every day except Sunday and closes Monday-Thursday at 2am. On Friday and Saturday, the traditional days of high revelry, they stay open an extra hour until 3am. Disappointed? I bet you wanted to stay out all night. For that you'll have to go somewhere else.

After investigating the subject, I now understand that cañí is an adjective that means "very Spanish" or "typical of Spain". However, my dictionary says it means "gypsy", and, I imagine, that many of you will conjecture that "gypsy" implies the same thing. You may continue the research further. This pub will live up to any of these definitions!

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